Shore towns are working to hire additional officers as summer approaches

Summer is just around the corner and local shore towns say they’re doing what they need to do to attract summer help. Among the jobs available? Police officers.

Like a lot of places, staffing is running short since the pandemic began. But, when it comes to cops patrolling the Wildwoods, it’s taking the promise of higher pay to get new officers fresh out of the police academy in time for the summer rush.

"The police are no different than the other industries we have in town. Everyone is having a difficult time finding help," Mayor Pete Byron stated. "The difference with the police is you can’t hire someone and they become a police officer. They have to go to the academy. There’s certain training involved. So, there’s more qualifications."

Business leaders feel they will have adequate police coverage, should they need it, but at places like Mack’s Pizza, tips are as greatly appreciated as the additional staffing accommodations they will need.

"We are getting a handful of employees in. Not as many as normal, but the biggest problem is finding somewhere for them to stay. For the students, it’s hard for them to find places to stay," Pete Riess, with Mack’s Pizza, explained.