Sinkhole work well underway, won't be done for days

You'll want to avoid this enormous sinkhole that swallowed parts of a road for a few more days.

The traffic trouble is happening in Berks County.

SKYFOX spent part of the morning over the 300 block of Abington Drive in Wyomissing.

Crews had already worked throughout the night to make repairs, and you see the progress.

Neighbors said at first, it was small. Then, they watched it quickly grow to about 70-feet wide and ten-feet deep.

Luckily, nobody was standing in its way.

The problem started with a water main break.

Authorities had to shut off water service to about a dozen nearby homes and businesses. There are still two homes and two businesses affected. Those folks have to boil their tap water or use bottled water.

Next, crews have to fix the water main, fill in the sinkhole, and then pave the road.

They expect to have all that wrapped up within a few days.