Skinny-dipping, bathing, excessive trash prompts crackdown of ban at Darby Creek

It's hot out and folks are doing what they can to beat the heat, but that is leading to problems at a beautiful Delco park.

The Springfield Township community says it has had it with people doing things like skinny-dipping, bathing in the creek and leaving behind a mess.

"When you go down, that's one of the most beautiful views of the creek, I think anywhere along Darby Creek," said Charlie Alexander.

However, he says the local treasure that runs through Rolling Green Park is being trashed by large groups of people in the water and along the banks leaving garbage everywhere.

"You had individuals who were naked in the creek, they were bathing and washing themselves. You're that close to a children's playground. You can't have that going on right here in this park," said Alexander.

A woman who lives nearby says it was totally out of control.

"People swimming clothes off. Diapers on the ground. It was outrageously overwhelming for me because there was like a lot of people doing wrong things."

 Carole Morgan who loves to come to the park with her pup Sunny says she just started avoiding it.

"I couldn't believe what was happening." she said. "There was just so many of them, taking over everything. It was just uncomfortable."

After getting close to two dozen complaints in just a month, the township took action in mid-June enacting an ordinance banning swimming and bathing in the creek. They even posted signs.


"Right now, police have been doing a campaign where they've stepped up patrols, increased presence there," said Jim Bryne, Springfield Twp. Solicitor.

Residents and park vistors say it's making a difference already.

"It's been really nice. Police have been coming a couple of times a day to check on the park, check on the people in the creek," said Cj Yespelkis of Springfield Twp.

 The township solicitor says they're hoping folks get the message.

"We want to get the word out, you can't do that in our parks, not just Rolling Green, but any of our parks.  We still want people to come to the parks and enjoy the parks. Just abide by the rules," said Bryne.

For now, police are just giving out warnings and for the most part, people seem to be complying. 

The township plans to start enforcing the new rule with fines of up to $300 and up to 90 days in jail.