Dorothy the pig escapes trailer, runs loose on I-76 while on the way to the vet

A pig named Dorothy was living high on the hog-way after she jumped out of a trailer onto I-76 Wednesday. 

Who is Dorothy the pig? 

According to Anna Kulczycki of Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming, Dorothy is an exotic two-year-old Mangalica (Hungarian breed) rescue pig. 

Weighing in at 270 pounds, she is still growing. She's continue to grow for about three more year and will likely weigh around 500 pounds when full grown. 

How did she end up on the loose? 

Kulczycki says Dororthy was in a foster home and has a vet appointment scheduled for Thursday. Eastern Snouts wanted to get her all checked in Wednesday night so that she was ready for her appointment the next day. 

Dorothy jumped out of the horse trailer she was riding in onto the Schuylkill Expressway while in bumper to bumper traffic. 

The volunteers didn’t realize she had gotten out until the Philly horns started honkin’ 

The operator of the trailer then pulled over and chased Dorothy down with the help of other kind samaritans. 

After the escape, Dorothy sustained a little road rash and is now doing fine. 

She will get a full check-up soon. 

Dorothy was rescued from a neglectful situation and saved from going to an auction. She has already been set up with a wonderful forever home at a farm animal rescue.

Eastern Snouts does adoption and rehoming services for all pigs, mostly mini ones, all over the country and specializes on the east coast. They are a network of fosters, rescues and volunteers.