Snow day is fun day for kids in Lehigh and Bucks Counties

When the snow starts falling in Allentown, people have to be prepared.

“I got bread yesterday, so I came out today to get some last minute odds and ends,” remarked Lawrence.

With a couple of inches expected, some people prepared Friday.

“We put salt down on the sidewalks. I’m trying to find the shovel, wherever I put it last time,” Tom Wainwright explained.

Snow in Allentown delights some.

And, shoveling can be exhausting, as one five-year-old found out.

Allenwtown boy tired after shoveling snow.

Some folks opted to skip to the snowball fight, though the snow didn’t make for decent snowballs.

People did the best they could to make their throws count.

After the shoveling and snowball brawl end, Dee enjoys a light snack.

Further south, in Quakertown, the snow was coming down quicker.

Snow in Quakertown

“How many times today did you have to do this?” asked FOX 29’s Alex George.

“Three times,” Emily Drennen laughingly replied. “But, it never snows here, anymore, so I like it.”  


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