Social media influencer uses motivational skills to heal, unite community

Brandon Chastang, or B. McFly, is a social media influencer who is actively trying to change his Philadelphia community. 

"I don't wanna you, I wanna heal with you," is a motto that Chastang created in order to share a message of healing and unity. 

B. McFly stands for "Being motivated comes from loving yourself" and it is an apt nickname for Chastang. 

B. McFly unfortunately lost loved ones to gun violence and he was also a victim, which led to his addiction to prescription medication. 

"Homes, school and drug addiction. These kids don't know how to articulate their struggles, their pain, their trauma," B. McFly  explained. 

He started going viral when he created videos and skits of the realities of what it means to live in Philadelphia while also emphasizing a positive message. 

The influencer believes that gun violence in the city is a multifold issue. B. McFly's work and videos have become popular among city councilmembers and NBA stars. 

B. McFly unfortunately had to confront a hard reality when his son was also shot while on his lunch break. 

"He got shot during his transition of changing," B. McFly  recalled. 

B. McFly wants to help break cycles and address mental health as well. He recognizes the 

Using his time, effort, and experiences will make things better for the next generation as far as B. McFly is concerned. 



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