Son of long-term care resident in Philadelphia heartbroken he can't visit fully vaccinated mother

Full vaccinated yet totally isolated. That's the story we're hearing from people with loved ones in long-term care facilities. 

It's a helpless feeling for a Philadelphia man. He asked us to keep him anonymous. His mom is a resident at Philadelphia Nursing Home at 21st and Girard. Despite being fully vaccinated he says she's still confined to her room and he cannot visit.

"I understand the pandemic, but I know you can get creative and try to find a way to take these patients to get a breath of fresh air even if it's for five minutes," he said.

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Department of Health says Philadelphia Nursing Home did have plans to allow visitors again after the federal government put out new guidance last week calling on facilities to allow responsible indoor visitation.

However, they canceled it after a staff member with a lot of access tested positive. He says they are waiting on a round of negative testing and will allow visitors after.

"I just feel as though it's time, everyone endured what they needed to endure," the man said.

CDC guidelines say fully vaccinated people who are exposed do not have to quarantine if they are asymptomatic but that applies to individual homes not health care settings.

It's not required for employees in Philadelphia to get the vaccine. 

The man believes that shouldn't hurt the vaccinated residents. 

"Why can't these vaccinated patients, the ones that are vaccinated, go sit outside on the patio? It's simple," he said.



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