'Sound Machines' creating orchestra-like sounds with just two people

A contraption that uses chain reactions for play instruments is now on display in the city of Philadelphia.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer got a chance to preview the very unique show.

With the Bowerbird's Sound Machine, a mixture of instruments, household items, and children's toys all work together to make music.

Andy Thierauf is one of the performers, and he works with Ashley Tini from opposite ends of the room recreating late German-Argentine composer Mauricio Kagel's Zwei Mann Orchester, or translated Two Man Orchestra.

Over 220 instruments are combined, spanning 60 feet, and can reach up to 12-feet high.

Each musician sits in a cockpit, pulling strings and levers to make the sounds come to life.

Saxophones, violins, and cellos are controlled by builder and musician Yona Davidson, who is filling in for Ashley during a preview of their upcoming performance.

On the other end, an old VCR motor helps give that drum line sound. A work of art comes to life with stuff the group just found.

Now the Zwei Mann Orchester has three more performances scheduled and the exhibition Inside Drexel university's Pearlstein Gallery is open till May 31st. For more information, CLICK HERE.