South Jersey school district cancels Halloween parade

Halloween parades at the elementary schools in Galloway Township are canceled, citing student safety. Parents started an online petition in hopes of keeping the parade. The petition has garnered hundreds of signatures. 

"I can understand a little bit, but I don’t see why we can’t just have it anyway, just have a little better security maybe," parent Tim Lobiondo told FOX 29.

According to published reports, the district superintendent announced the Halloween changes saying it’s been challenging monitoring and handling the crowds of a school Halloween parade.

Parents responded immediately, one of them put together a petition on  In less than a week more than 900 people had signed the petition requesting the district reconsider.

Lobiondo’s twins went to the elementary school, he signed the petition.

"I don’t know why they can’t have extra police show up. They have one gentleman at the middle school. I know it’s a little time out of the day but it’s only an hour," he said.

Jameson Cesar decorated his house which is a block away from the school. He hopes the district listens to parents on this one.

"We gotta keep this stuff going. It brings the community together kids look forward to it I look forward to it as an adult," he said.

Kids are still welcomed to come in costume for Halloween parties.