South Jersey tattoo shop owner donates PPE to frontline workers

While many local shops are still empty, a South Jersey tattoo artist is making sure what is inside doesn’t go to waste. She is donating PPE to frontline workers.

“When you are just sitting on supplies, and people need them, you have to do the right thing,” said Sue Moerder, owner of Moerder Tattoos and Gallery.


She donated masks, gloves, and cleaning gear to frontline heroes, including the local fire department, healthcare professionals, and social workers. She even hosted raffles to motivate donations and dipped into her own pocket to purchase PPE that was ultimately donated. 

“I don’t want to see the people I know pass away because they are risking their lives,” said Moerder.

She and fellow tattoo artists realized they can still order from wholesale tattoo supply companies and have access to protective gear many struggle to get their hands on. 

“Tattoo artists are so worried about germs because we are very worried about what they can do," she added.

Sue’s efforts come as Georgia’s statewide reopening of non-essential businesses like dine-in restaurants, hair salons, and tattoo parlors has some scratching their heads. She says the tattoo artists she knows want to protect themselves as much as anyone else. 

“We are very careful because it's not just the customers that we are protecting, but it's ourselves. We are trained to do this on a daily basis. So if you walk into a tattoo shop, you are probably going to be in one of the cleaner places.” 

While she is looking forward to the say her Hammonton shop can reopen, she also worries about it.

 “Because I have a family, I live here, I work here, I’m here all the time, so if someone comes in and contaminates me, or leaves germs, I’m at risk," she said.

And when her doors reopen, customers are going to see some changes: “You can’t bring friends, you have to wear a mask, your temperature has to be taken. You know, we are going to be super, super careful.” 

When speaking with FOX 29, Moerder emphasized the people on the front lines are ones that deserve the credit. In efforts to keep them safe, she says she just got an order of fiberglass free vacuum bags to make more masks. 

If you would like to donate to her efforts, visit their Facebook page.


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