Southwest Airlines plane debris found in Berks County

A piece of the engine from the stricken Southwest Airlines jet that set off a terrifying chain of events and killed a businesswoman was found in the Bernville area of Berks County.

Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, mentioned the discovery of a piece of the engine covering during a press conference late Tuesday night. Sumwalt also said a preliminary examination of the blown jet engine showed "metal fatigue."

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"One of our guys was out mowing and he found a piece of metal--aluminum--actually and he brought it in thinking it was something from one of your machines and it wasn't the case," Assistant Supervisor at Heidelberg Country Club Tim Levan said.

The feds were called to the golf course. Turns out, there was more than one piece.

"The one piece was about 3-feet long and an arc--it was like a piece of framework--and it was aluminum and had a lot of rivets in it. The other piece was a bit smaller and it was blue--definitely the color the plane was," Levan explained.

Levan says there was so much activity gong on no one thought to take a picture. Everyone was just doing their part to help.

Anyone who finds a piece of the wreckage from the engine is asked to call the FBI office in Allentown at 610-433-6488.