Southwest Philly wall bandits break into another string of stores

Police are sharing new information regarding a series of break-ins at businesses in Southwest Philadelphia where crooks broke through adjourning walls to get inside.

Laura's Nails was just one in a string of stores two suspects broke into after busting holes in the walls on their way to what police believe was the real target, the destiny pharmacy at the end of the row of stores.

This pharmacist didn't want his identity disclosed, but says surveillance video shows the bandits heading for the roof of the pharmacy with a tool bag. When they couldn't get in, they broke into the rear of this store, then tunneled through two more stores to the pharmacy wall, but they couldn't get through.

This is the second string of stores broken into by hole in the wall bandits in recent weeks here. The crew recently broke down the back door of a store front church, then cut through the walls of a cell phone store and a grocery store, escaping with lots of cash, cell phones and other items.

This is an ongoing investigation.