Springfield hair salon heavily damaged after car crashes into it

A Delaware County salon owner is counting her blessings after somebody crashed a car right into her store.

It happened at the Mane Point Hair Salon on Woodland Avenue in Springfield on Saturday. Police are still looking for the driver.

Mane Point Salon damaged after car crashes into it in Springfield.

“I was shaking. It shook me up pretty bad,” said owner Rosalie Dunbar.

It happened in an instant.

A reckless driver careening into a small strip mall about 3 a.m., jolting salon owner Rosalie Dunbar straight out of bed into the cold to check on her shop.

“Glass everywhere. You gotta figure, you got 80 inches high of glass and five pounds of it, plus the glass from the car. It was everywhere. Everything was just broke,” Dunbar explained.

Mane Point Hair Salon

An entire structure pole busted through the windows. The car completely flipped around. Dunbar managed to still open her shop in time to keep appointments on Saturday.

“We worked hard by cleaning it up and getting it ready to go for 8 a.m. Saturday is our early day,” Dunbar remarked.

Going forward, a lot more than glass needs to be replaced.

“They have to put a whole new front window and reconstruct, rebuild everything because the actual…not even just the glass, but the frame – all that came down, too,” Dunbar stated.

The driver reportedly fled the scene after crashing the vehicle. Dunbar has a message for that driver.

“Oh my God! Honestly? Do you have any idea how much extra work you put on me? I’ve been up since 3 a.m. and not just myself, other people. I don’t understand,” Dunbar added.


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