Store Bans Sales of Eggs to Minors During Halloween

Quakertown, PA. (WTXF) You have to show identification before buying things like alcohol or cigarettes, but you've probably never had hand over your ID to buy eggs. However, what one grocery store in Bucks County is doing around Halloween.

"They have the dates posted that they're not selling eggs to minors for safety concerns. Come on. Really? I mean it's an egg," said Wayne Mackiewicz after seeing a sign posted inside Redner's Warehouse Market in Quakertown.

The sign warns that ahead of Halloween eggs are off limits to kids who might try to buy them. The ban started last Friday and goes through Sunday the day after Halloween.

"Didn't anyone ever grow up? I see no sense to it," said Mackiewicz.

Most shoppers say the store is going a little overboard.

"It think it's too much. It's mischief night. Who cares" laughed one woman shopping at the store.

Mackiewicz says the ban is foolish but he admits the prank of egging people, homes and cars can be a pain.

"Yees, it's a little bit of a bugger to clean up and yes if you don't wash it off the car right away it can leave a little mark but it washes off," he says.

Georgi Cressman doesn't believe it will make a difference during mischief week.

"Kids are going to get it regardless whether mom or dad buys them or not," said Cressman.

One woman is taking a more serious approach. She says it's not just about property damage. She says it can be a health issue.

"If they have a severe egg allergy, get it all over their car and touch it then they're in anaphylactic shock," said Nancy Fulp-Yeakel.

Still some say it's not that serious. It's Halloween.

"What about toilet paper? We should take that off the shelf too? Somebody's house is going to get tp'd. That was the thing to do when I was a kid," said Mackiewicz.