Stranger tried to snatch 2-year-old on Metro train

WASHINGTON - A stranger tried to rip a mother's 2-year-old daughter out of her stroller on a Metro train Wednesday morning, Metro Transit Police said. But as the suspect attempted to take the little girl, a Good Samaritan stepped in to help.

"As soon as the child was attempted to be snatched, the mother screamed out and asked for assistance. At that point in time, the male subject came up behind the lady and basically held her," said Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik.

A Good Samaritan held the suspect on the floor of the Orange Line train until it pulled into the Foggy Bottom station. Witnesses said the suspect was acting unusual before the incident.

"As the train was approaching from Rosslyn to Foggy Bottom, this particular suspect, the arrested individual, started walking up and down the railcar, kinda talking incoherently," said Pavlik.

Metro Transit Police officers met the train and took the woman into custody. She made a scene outside of the Foggy Bottom station.

"She looked a little out there, kinda like a zombie from 'The Walking Dead.' She was trying to bite the officers. It was quite a sight," said street vendor Tom Sullivan.

Police said the child was properly strapped into the stroller and the mother was within an arm's reach.

The suspect is not cooperating with police, so they are going to use fingerprints to identify her. There were no cameras on the train, but the police chief said there may be social media or cell phone video that could help in the investigation.

The woman is expected to be charged with attempted abduction.