Student shot while trying to save woman from attacker

One brave student in New Orleans, Louisiana is in the hospital fighting for his life after being shot while saving a woman on the street.

The man, identified as Peter Gold, can be seen in this surveillance footage fighting off an armed attacker.

The incident happened early Friday morning.

Gold bravely fought off the man who was physically attacking a woman on the street.

The attacker then shot the student in the abdomen and took off.

Emergency crews confirm that the gunman fired one shot at Gold, and video shows the gunman trying to fire another shot to the head before his gun jammed.

Nearby neighbors say they heard the commotion, but did not see the gunman, or any of the scuffle.

One resident said, "It's relatively safe here. We know each other around here and when something like this happens, it's disturbing."

Another said, "When he shot him it looks like he tried to kill him. They tried to shoot him in the head but the gun jammed."