Students demand political action in wake of deadly Fla. school shooting

Students who escaped the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are now turning their emotions into action.

They are setting their sights on the president, politicians and a call for gun control.

They're taking aim at the president over tweets saying Democrats and the FBI are partly to blame for the killings

Student organizers say they are determined to make Wednesday's shooting a turning point in the national gun debate, announcing a national march on Washington to demand political action on gun control.

"How many more students are going to have to die and have their blood spilled in American classrooms trying to make the world a better place just because politicians refuse to take action."

Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Rick Scott attended a prayer vigil near the school Saturday. He's expected to announce a legislative package to tackle the issue of gun control.

In the meantime, more than $1 million has already been raised for the victims of the shooting. A GoFundMe account set up by Broward County Public Schools has collected $1.3 million in just two days.

Money raised will be used to provide relief and financial support.

If you're looking to donate, fake GoFundMe accounts have been reported. So, keep in mind the Broward Education Fund is the only support organization dedicated to raising money for the victims and their families.