Study shows number of college students sleep text

Don't go to sleep by your phone. A study from Villanova University says sleep texting is a trend among college students.

Many millennials will tell you the phenomenon is all too real.

"I think that it says that our phone have become part of our every day life and we have to learn how to control that technology," Doctor Elizabeth Dowdell said.

Doctor Elizabeth Dowdell, a nursing professor at Villanova, just published a study of college students at two universities. It says more than a quarter of students texted in their sleep and 72% of them don't remember.

Researches believe it leads to a lack of sleep and potential productivity. The best advice for college-aged students is to put down the phones and get some sleep One student in the research survey says it got so bad that she had to sleep with mittens on to prevent her from texting while she slept.