Subaru of America opens its corporate complex in Camden

Subaru of America Inc. just opened their new headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, and it may be Camden's best hope yet for revival.

"We are extremely happy to invite you to our new home. May it be filled with prosperous years and warned by the friendship of good neighbors," CEO of Subaru of America Thomas Doll.

Subaru will move 550 workers to its headquarters sitting across the street from Campbell's Soup, which urged the car maker to come here

81-year-old Juanita Cooper sees bright spots in a city of 77,000 struggling with crime and grinding poverty.

Subaru displayed old and new vehicles Friday and promised to plant trees and train workers in a city trying to shake-off years of decline.

"Our job is to prepare our children so they can assume these jobs when they become available for them. I'm convinced we'll do so," Camden Mayor Frank Moran said.