Super Bowl hype continues as Jason Kelce talks with fans

The story making national headlines and the spotlight is on Jason Kelce, his epic parade tirade and his costume.

Friday, February 9 will long be remembered for many Eagles fans as they got up close and personal with the new Eagles legend.

Not quite a parade, but still throngs showed up outside Carl's Cards in Havertown to see the Eagles player of the hour.

"How was that? It was awesome. He's awesome," exclaimed a fan.

Hours in line for a glimpse and an autograph of players Beau Allen and Jason Kelce. Many here after hearing Kelce's now viral speech given at the Eagles celebration Thursday.

"This has literally been the biggest group of underdogs I believe. I think we're the only team in history to be the number one seed and be the underdog in every game and it was just something that kept running through my head," explained Kelce.

Hundreds of fans and families paid $40 dollar tickets for a memory to hold onto. A victory lap that has no end in sight. Tom Kinee was the first in line. He waited six hours for a signature.

"How are you feeling? Very good. Awesome. Just great to meet them even for a few seconds. Awesome time," said Kinee.

Leaving with souvenirs to help remember the remarkable moment in Philly history.

"Diehard Eagles fan. Diehard," said fan Melissa.

Melissa flew in from Hawaii for the game. Wrapped in blankets, she waited three hours for her turn to take home a token of her trip. The tiny shop packed inside, with a line wrapped around the building. Good vibes still going strong for the team, for the players, for the fans. Owner Carl has been here 22 years.

"I remember the craze with the Phillies, but this is like no other," said Carl.