Surgeon comforts 2-year-old girl before surgery by watching cartoons together

Photos showing a two-year-old girl crying in a surgeon's arms have gone viral after being posted to Facebook.

The photos show the two watching cartoons on the doctor's phone before the child undergoes cardiac surgery. They were uploaded to Facebook on Monday.

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CCTV, the English-language news channel of China Central Television, the nation's largest national broadcasting network, uploaded the images to their Facebook page.

The caption to the photos says, "The two-year-old girl was crying and pretty nervous in the surgery room, a totally unfamiliar environment without her parents to keep her company. Shi Zhuo, the girl's surgeon, tried different ways to calm her down. Doctor Shi has a six-year-old daughter and he showed the girl his daughter's favorite videos."

The photos were taken in the Children's Hospital of Zhejiang in China.

They were uploaded to Reddit by Guts_D and quickly gained popularity. So far, they have amassed more than 129,000 likes, 2,000 comments, and 12,000 shares on Facebook.