Suspect in police custody after chase and manhunt

Police say a suspect is in custody after a chase and manhunt through the woods in Bensalem, Pa. The chase Wednesday evening ended in a ditch at the back of a new housing complex in Bensalem.

"I saw them pick up a giant gun off the floor so I thought maybe it's time to head on out of here," said neighbor Alexa Lantz.

Neighbors looked on as SWAT teams and police scoured the area for the gunman after he bolted from the truck. About an hour later. he was in custody. Police recovered an AR15 assault weapon and Uzi inside the vehicle, according to investigators.

"The officers actions here today are exemplary," Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Sullivan said

Police say it all started around 5:30 after reports of gunfire at a nearby industrial complex. That's when a female Philadelphia officer heard gunfire and approached the suspect.

"She immediately tells the male to put the gun down. The male does not comply," the deputy explained.

Police say the suspect tossed the gun into the truck, threw it in reverse nearly hitting the officer and the chase was on. It ended when the suspect crashed his truck. Police praising Officer Sabrina Sakowski's restraint in not firing her weapon.

"There were multiple times when this officer would have been justified to use deadly force, but she elected to maintain her composure," Deputy Sullivan said.

Police also say the suspect has an extensive criminal record and shouldn't have a gun. Police described the possible danger of firing an assault weapon in a busy industrial complex that includes a daycare.

"We don't know if he was shooting in the air. Is he shooting someone or at a target without any regard? Completely reckless," Sullivan said.

According to police, the suspect had two magazines for the AR15 and a fully loaded Uzi. Police praised the public for tips on the gunman whereabouts and their fellow officers from Bensalem for their assistance tracking the gunman and processing the crime scenes.