Suspect sought in series of attempted luring incidents at Philadelphia gas stations

Philadelphia police believe a man who has been targeting young men in a series of attempted lurings in North Philadelphia has resurfaced.

Police say the suspect drove up to his latest alleged victim as he was walking to a McDonald's on the 3100 block of West Allegheny Avenue on Sunday.

The suspect approached the victim in a gray or white car, asked him if he pumped gas, and told the victim to meet him across the street at a gas station.

At that time, police say the suspect drove around the block and told the victim to get into his car because he wanted to go to another gas station for better prices.

Once the victim got inside the car, the suspect drove him to an unknown location, parked the car, and began showing the victim pornographic videos on his cell phone and touching him.

The victim jumped out of the car and ran to his church to report the incident.

The suspect has been described by police as a black male in his 30s with a heavy build, dark complexion, and crooked teeth.

Investigators believe this is the same suspect who was behind four separate incidents that have occurred since 2017. In some, the suspect asked the victims to expose themselves for money. In other incidents, he also tricked the boys to get into his car so he could show them pornography and touch them.