Taxi Drivers Surround City Hall in Protest

A pair of organizations of Philadelphia's taxi and limousine drivers mounted a protest Tuesday around City Hall, joined by drivers from Uber Black. The drivers protested what they call the illegal operation in the city of ridesharing services UberX and Lyft.

The Taxi Workers Alliance and the Philadelphia Limo Association carried out the protest, and have promised as many as 600 vehicles. Their demands include no more operation of UberX and Lyft for as long as they are illegal in Philadelphia, for the PPA and District Attorney to bring legal action against the services and for the mayor and City Council to do their part to stop their operation.

The protest snarled traffic in Center City at lunchtime.

It was gridlock around Philadelphia City Hall at noon today.. Hundreds of Philadelphia taxi cab drivers...Uber Black and limousine drivers blocking traffic for a massive demonstration...

Many drivers parking ..or abandoning their vehicles to protest the illegal operations of UberX and Lyft in the city...

"Lyft is illegal- they do not possess certificates nor insurance to carry your families around."

The drivers are upset that UberX and Lyft are not subjected to the same fees and requirements that they are...

"They're breaking the law which means they can lower the rate below taxis and Uber which by the way are regulated by the PPA, they're completely undercutting the market."

"Average drivers are losing about 30-percent of thier income..we do everything the government asked us to do..get proper license- we take credit cards, we get our cars inspected, and you are allowing this illegal outfit to just come in here.."

The large group of drivers marching to District Attorney Seth Williams' office....demanding a level playing field.and fines for the violators

"The DA, this is his responsibility. They are stealing millions of dollars..get off his hand and do his job ad get that illegal outfit out of the city."

The protestors were blocked from entering the D.A,'s office...

One person was handcuffed....and received a citation for disorderly conduct..but police say there were no arrests.Their big concern was public safety....since no one could get in or out of the area.

"It's one thing to slow down traffic in cc. It's another to send it into gridlock. Someone could seriously been injured."