Teen skateboarder struck by dirt bike rider on Philadelphia street dies from injuries

A teenage skateboarder who was struck by a dirt bike rider on a Philadelphia street over the weekend has died as authorities continue to search for the rider who fled the scene. 

The incident occurred on Sunday, around 10:30 p.m. on Allegheny Avenue in Philadelphia’s Fairhill neighborhood. 

Police say the male dirt bike rider was traveling east bound at a high rate of speed and performing wheelies when he struck 17-year-old Jesus Gomez Rosario. 

Rosario, who was riding a skateboard at the time of the incident was taken to Temple University Hospital with severe injuries. He succumbed to those injuries late Tuesday morning, according to Philadelphia police. 

Jesus's adoptive and biological family started a memorial near the accident scene where they gathered on Wednesday night. 

"We all want justice. He has a big family that loved him, and he left a lot of family behind because of someone so irresponsible. Bikes are for mountains, not for the streets," said one of Jesus's sisters, Yanira Colon.

Colon said her brother loved sports and music, and he aspired to be a pilot after he graduated from Esperanza Charter High School next year. 

On Tuesday, police released a video showing the aftermath of the crash and released images of the dirt bike rider. The rider has been descried by police as a male with a helmet, red bandana around his neck, white t-shirt, and black pants.

Commanding Officer with Philadelphia Police Accident Investigation District described the crash as having, "…a pretty significant impact." He went on to say the rider is thought to be a similar age to Rosario.

"Whoever did this to my brother, just turn yourself in," said another one of Jesus's sisters, Maria Luciano, who struggled to speak. "You don't know the suffering that you've made us go through."

The rider was last seen leaving the scene with the dirt bike and appeared to have minor injuries. The dirt bike was described as having green wheels, a green body, and damage to the left side. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact police AT 215-685-3180 OR 215-685-3181.