Teen spends last $40 to buy firefighters water

(INSIDE EDITION)--A selfless 15-year-old boy was thinking about others, even while his own house was burning down.

Casie Bennett was in her Alabama home on July 9 when she woke up to "popping sounds" and realized her house was on fire. She immediately got out and called the fire department.

While the Creola Volunteer Fire Department battled the blaze, Bennett and her son, Kenneth Bennett, went to a nearby gas station to get something to drink.

"Kenneth asked the clerk how much the packs of waters were that were sitting outside," Bennett told InsideEdition.com. "When I came back outside, he was loading water in the truck."

Bennett said she asked her son what he was doing, to which he responded, "Mama, they're out of water."

Bennett said her son told her he'd looked in the firefighters' cooler before leaving and realized they didn't have any water left, so he'd spent his last $40 purchasing some for them.

"He just watched everything he owns go up in flames and he thought about somebody else," Bennett said. "That's how I raised him to look out for others before yourself."

Kenneth had been saving up the small amount of money he'd used to take his girlfriend out for their first anniversary.

"He is only 15 and plays football, which consumes a lot of his time so he does little [jobs] for different people," Bennett said.

When the moderator of local Facebook group got wind of what Kenneth had done, he reached out to businesses to see if they'd help Kenneth have the night he'd dreamed of with his girlfriend.

"They planned the special night for Kenneth. A local business provided a limo and they were able to go to a restaurant, all expenses paid," Bennett said.