Teen wears her mom's prom dress 22 years later

(INSIDE EDITION)--An Ohio teen showed up to prom in style - in her mother's old prom dress.

Ally Johnson, 18, told InsideEdition.com that her mom, 39-year-old Lori Johnson, had been recommending she wear the dress for a while but she didn't like the idea at first.

That all changed, however, when Johnson received the prom dress she was supposed to wear to her Hilliard High School dance on April 22 and she wasn't in love with it.

"I knew my grandma was holding on to my mom's dress. So I asked my grandma for it and she dug it out," Johnson said. "Once I tried it on, I realized how cute it was. I loved it."

Johnson quickly knew it was the one.

Her mom, who'd worn the dress for her senior prom in 1995, was ecstatic at the news.

"She got really excited. I think she was just like proud. We are really alike so she really liked to see me in the same dress for my prom," Johnson said.

Johnson donned the sparkly black dress on her big night without having to have any alterations.

"It gave meaning to the dress. It felt special to be wearing it knowing it was my mom's, not just any old dress I could buy," she said.

The teen hopes to make a tradition out of wearing the dress when she has a family of her own.

"It'd be cool for me to pass it down when I have a family," Johnson said.