Delaware Valley residents unhappy gifts were shipped but never delivered; FedEx investigating

As if packages being delivered late this holiday season due to a backlog wasn’t bad enough, some people are now claiming their packages made it to a shipping facility in Philadelphia, but then just disappeared.

Sean Fullerton and his wife thought they were set for Christmas. Their outdoors decorated, the tree is up, their four kids excited and the upgrade to their current PlayStation 4 purchased.

The mighty-tough-to-find PlayStation 5 was ordered through Sony.

"We would wait in line at 5 a.m. over at Walmart, my wife spent hours online, on the PlayStation cue to try to get in and get one," Sean Fullerton explained.

And, they did. Problem is, he says the package never found its way past FedEx.

"It showed all the movements through each facility and then, once it got to the Philadelphia facility, it stopped moving," Fullerton elaborated.

It disappeared, he says he was told, at the FedEx facility near the airport, as trucks come and go through the day.

"Spoke again with the manager of the Philadelphia facility who told me that it was stolen and, basically told me that there’s a theft issue there, especially with these types of items: PlayStations, Xboxes, iPhones," Fullerton remarked.

Fullerton posted on social media, with one person writing, "The exact same thing happened to me." And, others, too.

Ashley Manning, of Havertown, says her PS5, a Christmas gift for her son, was tracked to a FedEx truck, but then? Poof.

"I got my confirmation. I got the shipment information. And, then I received a notification from FedEx that said, ‘Your package is out for delivery.’ This was December 2," Manning said. "It never came off the truck and, when I spoke to a representative, they said it received an overhead scan, a truck scan, which creates a tracker and there was no movement since. I honestly think someone stole the package."

FOX 29 contacted FedEx regarding these specific cases. FedEx replied:

"The safety and security of our customers’ shipments is a top priority, and we are investigating this matter. If a customer suspects that their package is lost or damaged, we encourage them to contact the shipper to begin the claims process."

Update: Manning's PS5 arrived Tuesday night. She will be on Good Philadelphia Wednesday morning with her son.


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