Thieves targeting Jeep Wranglers for batteries

Police are on the hunt for a thief or thieves targeting Jeep Wranglers for batteries.

"The way Jeep Wranglers are built it's pretty easy to access the front of the car so I feel a little uneasy about the situation."

Pat Collins is going to watch his Jeep Wrangler more closely after learning that a thief is breaking into the hoods of Wranglers in his Fairmount neighborhood and swiping the car batteries.

Police say it's easy for a thief to get into the hood of a Wrangler--just flip the latches, rip out the battery and go.

Wrangler owner Brian Kovacs has the same worries.

"My car's been burglarized once already and they just check your handles to see if it's open. I know that happens pretty frequently but this is a little more invasive," he explained.

Philadelphia Police tell FOX 29 the thefts happened over the weekend with most taking place in parts of Fairmount, Francisville and the surrounding area. It also happened on Arch Street. Two Jeep battery thefts took place on North 20th. Also,on Corinthian Street, Wallace Street and Brandywine and so on.

The Wrangler owners FOX 29 talked with say they will take some preventative action.