PA 'call to action': Health officials report alarming jump in COVID-19 cases

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is seeing the highest number of COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began to spread back in March, it was announced Monday.

Doctor Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, presented the alarming news as a part of a regular briefing she holds to update the public on the virus.

Dr. Levine announced 3,402 new cases reported between Sunday and Monday, while 2,909 new cases were reported from Saturday to Sunday, adding it’s an alarming jump in cases. Also reported was the increase of more than 4,000 new cases Saturday.

“We are now seeing the highest case counts of the COVID-19 pandemic across Pennsylvania that we have seen since the beginning,” she stated.



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She went on to report 1,735 people are now hospitalized due to coronavirus, which is in contrast to last Monday’s number of 1,267 hospitalizations.

There are now 234,296 cases of COVID-19 across Pennsylvania.

Dr. Levine took a moment to remind the public of their obligation to follow the recommendations of health professionals and the Pennsylvania and CDC health guidelines, including wearing masks and practicing social distancing.


“We can get through this, but it requires each of us working together, united, regardless of other differences,” Dr. Levine added.

Dr. Levine then stated 52 counties have percent positivities above five percent and went on to say that was 12 more counties then the week before.

Dr. Levine also stated this is a “call to action” on the part of all Pennsylvania residents, pushing forward the idea residents need to be safe, follow guidelines, but not lose hope in the fight against the virus.


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