Three-year-old Makes Miraculous Recovery after Nearly Drowning

When Alise's accident occurred I felt the Holy Spirit with us. I sought comfort and found my faith strengthened by his...

CAPE GIRARDEAU - A three-year-old girl from Cape Girardeau, Missouri made a miraculous recovery after nearly drowning in a backyard pool.

Alise Nipper and her family was relaxing at a pool party when the unthinkable happened.

Jamie Nipper, Alise's mother, said the relaxing day took a turn for the worse when the family saw lightening in the sky.

Nipper turned to look for her daughter, and was horrified when she found her in the water, blue and lifeless.

"We saw lightning from afar, that's when we had the kids get out of the pool," Nipper said, according to Daily Mail. "For a split second, I thought keep her life jacket on. But she took it off as everyone was making their way inside the house before returning home. All of a sudden I look over and she wasn't there, where I last saw her."

It quickly became apparent that Alise had no pulse. Nipper and other party guests performed CPR on the little girl's lifeless body for 12 minutes.

Suddenly, Alise's heart began to beat. She was taken to the hospital alive, but in critical condition.

Doctor's said that little Alise's body had suffered serious trauma. But after just six days in the hospital, the three-year-old began to show noticeable signs of improvement.

"For her brain to come through this and be as functional as possible is astounding," said Dr. Jeremy Garret. "Prayer and luck and divine intervention were the key factors."

After two weeks, Alise was allowed to return home and was once again functioning normally.

"The day we left it was surreal," said Nipper. "I felt like I can't believe we lived through this."

Nipper hopes to spread the story of her daughter's miraculous recovery to urge others to become CPR certified.