Thunderstorms dump heavy rain across Chester County leaving many drivers stuck in flooded streets

The rain has moved out, but the damage is done. Across much of the area, serious storms and flooding took place Tuesday afternoon. Some drivers became stuck in flood waters and had to be rescued.

"We can’t, we’ve literally tried every way to get to my street and they’re all blocked off by water," Josh Moran lamented.

People like Moran of Downingtown kept away from their homes Tuesday night as several streets flooded, with cars stranded under water, after quick, but powerful storms moved through the Delaware Valley.

"I think I need to wait it out for another hour, or so," Dan Muir commented.

Muir said he was also trying to get home. He lives on the other side of a little league field, turned lake.

"I didn’t think it was gonna be so bad. I saw a flood warning and said ‘I think we’ll be all right.’ I didn’t expect this, for sure," Muir added.

Emergency crews were busy rescuing vehicles trapped by flooded waters. Drivers at Jefferson and Brandywine Avenues said they weren’t trapped.

"We’re being human barricades," resident Brigid Walker commented, regarding drivers attempting to pass through the flooded street.

Walker lives nearby and says she’s outside to send a message to drivers.

"Please do not go through the water if it’s really high, because A. you’re gonna get stuck and B. you’re gonna put water into our houses and it’s not pretty and we’re gonna get angry," Walker explained.



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