Time to name April the giraffe's baby boy, for a price

The wait is over and the naming contest begins, for April the giraffe and her legions of fans.

Animal Adventure Park is letting the public choose the name of April and Oliver's baby boy.

According to its website, the public can submit potential names for the male calf and/or vote for their favorite names. Votes cost $1 each, with a minimum of 5 votes.

The first phase of the promotion began Saturday, and will last for 10 days. Click here to vote.

Once that ends, the top ten names will be revealed.

Then, a second phase of voting will begin to select the winning name, and that phase will last for five days.

This is a fundraising vote, and the money raised will be split among three recipients, as explained by the park in a Facebook post.

April gave birth to a healthy male calf Saturday at the privately owned zoo near Binghamton, New York. She had an online audience of more than a million viewers.

The 15-year-old giraffe delivered her calf shortly before 10am in an enclosed pen.

The newborn stood up on his wobbly legs about 45 minutes after he was born. He began nursing not long after.

At least 1.2 million people watched the Adventure Park's YouTube streaming of the event. Zoo owner Jordan Patch says both mom and calf are doing fine.

The newborn is April's fourth calf but Animal Adventure Park's first giraffe calf. The proud papa is a 5-year-old giraffe named Oliver. This is his first offspring.