Tipping will soon be allowed with the Uber app

Uber is making big changes and drivers are happy about it but some customers might not be as happy.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell ordered an Uber to tell drivers the good news that in app tipping will soon be allowed.

Khurran Shahzam was thrilled to get an email telling drivers tips on fares will soon be a click away. Matching competitor Lyft in allowing drivers to make more money.

"Some people 1 dollar. Some 2 dollars. Some 5 dollars. It adds up, yes," he told FOX 29.

In a major policy reversal Uber says the new plan is part of "180 Days of Change". From the app riders can choose 1,3 or 5 dollar tip options or custom amounts. But just because you can tip now will customers pony up?

"It all depends on the service that the driver gives you. I have tipped my Uber driver. I've tipped my Lyft drivers and they've accepted it," customer Jon Craig said.

"If it's just a fixed price I don't mind if it's in there or not. I just don't want to be deciding of how much. Just put it in there," customer Karyen Hopgood said.

Other changes include shorter cancellation windows for riders from 5 to 2 minutes and customers will now have to pay for wait time.

Tipping starts immediately in some cities. It should be rolled out in Philly by July.