Toddler poses with deployed brother's girlfriend for adorable prom photo shoot

A Louisiana Marine's baby sibling stepped in to take photos with his big brother's girlfriend when his duties meant he wasn't able to bring his girlfriend to prom.

Photos shared to Facebook on March 17 show Skylar Fontaine posing with her military boyfriend's two-year-old brother before she headed off to her senior prom. Toddler Clay filled the shoes of his older sibling Gage Moak, who was on duty while prom was on.

"When I realized he wouldn't be home for prom I had mixed emotions. I was upset, but at the same time… I support him 100 percent and I'm willing to deal with him being away, because he's the one making the ultimate sacrifice," Fontaine told Storyful.

The pictures show Clay dressed in a miniature Marine uniform, just like Gage's, and he poses like a pro with Fontaine, who donned a beautiful blue dress.

"I thought this would be a sweet gesture to send to my boyfriend. He is a family man and very sentimental. He always puts his family first, and that's his motivation to be a United States Marine. Clay Moak Jr wants to be just like his big brother," she added.

Fontaine's prom photo shoot went viral after shared some of the images to Twitter, and they had racked up over 40,000 retweets at the time of writing.