Triple shooting in Mayfair leaves teen dead

Philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting that left a teen dead and two others fighting for their lives in Mayfair.

"Always laughing. If you are down, he could most definitely make you smile," said the victim's mother, Shantice Moton-Wideman.

17-year-old Quantico Brunson-Moton will never smile again.

"I am hurt. I'm confused. I'm numb. I'm lost," his mother said.

Brunson-Moton was among the five young men hanging around outside a corner store at Hawthorne and Barnett around 9 p.m. Monday night. A white car pulled up and man got out. The group headed past Barnett to the next alley less than 30 seconds later, two men are seeing a running away. A man climbs into the white car and it drove off another man runs down Hawthorne. It's not clear whether either man had anything to do with the violence.

The sound of gunshots drew Shantice Moton-Widemanin to the alley where she found her son lying on the ground.

"With his mouth open and blood everywhere. And I cupped his head and I was holding him and I actually seen him take his last breath and that was it," said said.

Police recovered a gun from the scene along with a sneaker. They say there is plenty of security camera footage to work with and plenty of eyes and ears.

Residents say this neighborhood has deteriorated over the past several years.

This teenager is now gone and his mother says family and friends will never be the same.

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