Twin Sisters Both Expecting Second Set of Twins

SALT LAKE CITY, UT- Twin sisters Kerri and Kelli have a lot in common. That might not be so surprising considering they're twins.

One of those things they have in common is that they have both given birth to a set of twins.

Another thing they have in common, is that they are both pregnant with twins again!

According to FOX13, Kelli found out about her pregnancy first, after she underwent In Vitro Fertilization.

So she called Kerri and shared the news that she was actually expecting twins again.

Kerri told FOX13 that the news made her wonder if perhaps she too was pregnant. So she took a pregnancy test, and was surprised by the positive result.

Four years ago, Kerri was reportedly told by doctors that she could not conceive naturally, and it was recommended that she freeze her embryos if she hoped for more children.

Both Kerri and Kelli are due in March 2016.