Twitter users post hilarious conversations with their ‘number neighbor’

The latest Twitter trend where people are texting their “number neighbor” is making for some funny and sometimes rude interactions.

Twitter users posted screenshots of conversations they’re having with people who share a cellphone number exactly like theirs except for the final digit being one up or down.

Some people made new friends, while others had less than stellar results. A few were completely ignored by their number neighbor.

Twitter user Halle, who goes by @halisapal, shared a screenshot where her number neighbor was friendly.

They shared hellos and Halle said she would be going on vacation in Hawaii on Saturday. Her new friend told her to have fun.

Sanda simply said hi and the other person responded with, “What’s up number neighbor.”

One user @joellecristobal shared that she ended up finding an old friend from grade school. In the screenshot she shared, she provided her name first and then learned his name was Jett.

“I had a best friend back in 6th grade name(d) Jett,” she said.

He responded: “Wow what are the odds. Hello Joelle Cristobal, it’s Jett (name removed) from Ranch Elementary. Long time, no see.”

A few people received the responseWhat it do, baabbyyy?” which is a quote from Toronto Raptors player turned Los Angeles Clipper Kawhi Leonard. Leonard said the funny response in a video with then-teammate Serge Ibaka after they won the 2019 NBA Championship.

Other users shared that their family members were their neighbors appearing to be part of a family phone plan with only one digit different in their numbers.