Two men sought in connection with credit card skimming in Montgomery County

Credit card skimmers are popping up in Montgomery County. It has happened five times, so far, stealing money out of bank accounts from more than 50 people.

It happened in the blink of an eye. Police say the nervous looking guy who can't keep his feet still, put a skimming device over the scanner that reads credit and debit cards at the checkout in order to steal customer information. Watch how quickly he does it. The cashier had no idea.

A skimmer actually just lays over the top of the real keyboard.

Two men walked into the Aldi Grocery store in Lower Pottsgrove Township and police think they may be behind other skimmers found nearby. Aldi put out the alert and, sure enough, another device was found at a second Aldi store in Limerick Township.

"They look very original, and to the untrained eye, you're not gonna know it's there," said Chief Michael Foltz of the Lower Pottsgrove Township Police.

Police now want to know if these men are also behind the skimmer discovered at a Turkey Hill in Lower Pottsgrove in December that victimized 52 people, including Hanny Qawasmy.

"Took 700 dollars out of my account two days before Christmas," Qawasmy said.

Two nearby credit unions were also found to have skimmers on their outdoor ATMs.

Police are now asking merchants to regularly check their devices, and customers to be vigilant.

"If you're concerned and you look at the face of the machine, if it feels like its flimsy or loose, it could have a device applied," Chief Foltz explained.

Police at least now have video of two people they want to find.

"I just think they're awful people. I mean, I don't know how you can sleep at night, taking all that money from people," Qawasmy said.