Unidos Foundation providing free laptops to students in Allentown School District at home during COVID-19

A nonprofit is providing laptops to students in the Allentown School District. 

"I was like what is this? I don't know what I did,” said 11-year-old Naoimi Chisolm. Her beautiful little face lights up talking about the surprise she got today.

"I've never had a like a laptop of my own,” she said. But thanks to two women with the Unidos Foundation in Allentown who showed up at her family's home today Naoimi's mom says her daughter has what she needs to do school work at home. She and other kids are out of school indefinitely because of the coronavirus.


"We are so happy because we try to set up things like she even has apps like duo lingo learning for Spanish and just little things to keep her busy and with that laptop it helps in so many ways," said Aisha Allen, Naoimi’s mom.

Cell phone video shows Yahaira Washington and Yamelisa Taveras delivering the laptop. Naoimi is one of about seven families they dropped off to today alone

"It was really out of my pocket to start and then I started sending messages to friends, family, and co-workers asking if any of them would be willing to sponsor a family of the Allentown School District. It was amazing. We had a couple of small businesses that helped and a couple of organizations but mainly it has come from the community itself," said Yamelisa Taveras.

She’s the founder of Unidos Foundation which addresses needs in the community with a focus on minority under-served and under-privileged populations regardless of race.

"The best part of it is seeing the faces of the families. When you see the relief on their face when they get it you know you did good. We are fulling a mission that we set out to accomplish," said Yahaira Washington.

This fifth grader is filled with kindness.

"I just want to say God bless those people because they don't have to do that but they are and that's just so that's so amazing," said Naoimi.

The Unidos Foundation says the Allentown School District has started to provide laptops to students but they’re stepping in so other students don’t have to wait because of a lack of funding.

They started with 30 families but would like to provide laptops to 250 families. They’re accepting donations to reach their goal. Students they help are identified by principals at school as students in need.

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