Upper Darby Education Association voice concerns over hybrid learning

The Upper Darby Education Association put out a letter on Facebook voicing their concerns over the district's reopening plans. 

"I think our teachers have a right to be afraid. There's so much uncertainty out there and ever-changing information," Superintendent Dr. Dan McGarry said.

The Superintendent of Schools in the Upper Darby School District says they have a solid plan to bring students back safely next month with hybrid instruction, while also reducing the student population. 

"While there are 1,600 students at Beverly Hills Middle School on a given day, there's a little over 300 kids coming in at a time, so we are looking at between four and nine students in a classroom at a time," McGarry said.

Masks and six feet social distancing will be required at all times.

Still, the Upper Darby Education Association posted a long list of concerns on their Facebook Monday night. 

"It's just my members overall are concerned for their safety. They just don't know if the district is gonna provide everything they say they can," Melanie Masciantonion, president of the Upper Darby Education Association said.

She adds teachers are also worried about coverage if one of them calls out sick or gets COVID-19

"Because we have teacher shortages and sub shortages, we're gonna have a whole other issue of teachers going in rooms with other children," she said. "I just think there are a lot of unknowns causing a lot of unease and unrest among the membership."


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