US-Mexico trade deal imminent, Trump says

(Fox News) - After weeks of bilateral negotiations, the U.S. is close to striking a "big trade agreement" with Mexico, President Trump said in a tweet on Saturday morning.

"Our relationship with Mexico is getting closer by the hour," the tweet read. "Some really good people within both the new and old government, and all working closely together….A big Trade Agreement with Mexico could be happening soon!"

For weeks, U.S.-Mexico talks have centered around the automotive industry, but negotiations are part of a broader, year-long effort to revamp the North American Free Trade agreement, of which Canada is also a member.

Canada has not been part of the most recent discussions. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previously has said one of the sticking points is the inclusion of a five-year sunset clause, which would limit the lifespan of the agreement. Trump's insistence of including that in the trade pact drew swift rebuke from Canada and Mexico.