Valentine’s Day deals to get back at your ex

Did your last relationship fizzle? Did you deal with a nasty breakup? Well, it's your time to feel empowered. 

On Valentine’s Day, companies and businesses want you to feel vindicated by offering some deals and ways to get sweet revenge on your ex this holiday. 

Here are some ways to get back at your lousy ex and participate in the bitter celebration. 

Topo Chico will send prickly cactus to your ex

For a limited time, Topo Chico Hard Seltzer announced it is selling prickly valentines to send to a special ex-someone. 

"Bolder (and sharper) than your typical bouquet of flowers, each Prickly Valentine comes with a mini-cactus and commemorative card," the seltzer brand revealed in a press release.

There is currently a limit of one cactus per customer, and an alcohol purchase is required. You can make a "point" to that lousy person and order here.

Name a cockroach after your ex

With a $10 donation this Valentine's Day, The Florida Aquarium will also let you name a roach after an ex.

Those who participate will receive a certificate commemorating the occasion and a photo of the roach. 

Participants will also be able to send a message with "words you wish you had said" or a "funny revenge confession." 

The aquarium said amusing, family-friendly confessions will be posted with anonymity on The Florida Aquarium’s social media. 

An, don't worry – they'll never "Hiss & Tell" who sent them! You can get started here.

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Zoo will also host its Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser for its third year, where funds raised support the zoo’s vision of securing a future for wildlife. 


The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

With a donation, you can symbolically name a cockroach, rodent, or veggie after your ex. But, here’s the kicker: you then get to watch as the zoo offers it up as a snack to some of the animals!

As a part of your donation, participants will receive a customizable certificate showing your support for the fundraiser. You’ll also receive an email with a video of the cockroach, rodent, or veggie being fed to an animal at the zoo. You can sign up here.

Give your ex a stinky surprise

Is your ex a piece of...? (You catch my drift.)

In honor of Valentine's Day and for a donation of $5 or more, the pet adoption center SPVD of Brevard in Titusville, Florida is offering two options to "celebrate" your ex. 

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According to the organization, donators can write their ex's name on the bottom of a litter box and let its adorable, adoptable cats do what they will with it.

In addition, participants can write their ex's name on a fire hydrant, placed in one of the adoptable dogs play yards for when they need a potty break.

Find out more here.

And, if you're not "feline" the love this year, Crumbs & Whiskers, an organization with cat and kitten cafes, is also providing an opportunity to get back at your exes. 

From now until the end of February, the cafes, located in Los Angeles and Washington D.C., are collecting names of your ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends or even ex-bosses to put into a litter box.

At the end of the month, the organization will live stream the cats in the litter. All proceeds will go towards helping Crumbs & Whiskers save more cats from euthanasia.

You can participate by coming into the cafe for an experience and writing a name in the box yourself. Or, you can virtually participate by donating $5 online and emailing your name.

Turn in your ex to police

A Florida police department’s cheeky, viral Facebook post is encouraging people to turn in their exes to authorities. 

"February kicked off the month for celebrating the love in your life, and we don’t want you to forget those ex’s that did you wrong either!," the department wrote Wednesday. "Do you have an ex-Valentine and know they have outstanding warrants? Do you have information that they are driving with drugs in their car? Give us a call with their location and we’ll take care of the rest." 

The officials said they would be joining police departments nationwide in this "Valentine’s special."

"This Valentine’s Day month-long special starts off with a set of limited-edition platinum bracelets, free transportation with a chauffeur, a one-night minimum stay in luxurious accommodations and professional glamour shots that will be posted on online for all to enjoy. This special is capped off with a special Valentine’s dinner. We know this special is so incredible that you may be tempted to provide additional referrals. We don't blame you, this special is too sweet to pass by!," the department quipped. 

As of Wednesday afternoon, the post had already been shared more than 700 times.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.