Vandals spray paint offensive graffiti at South Philly brewery

Offensive graffiti stained the front a South Philly brewery. Part of it says "Yuppies go away. Stop ruining life." Some of it laced with profanity so FOX 29 is not showing all of it.

"I woke up Monday morning with messages from all the neighbors saying there's vandalism on our façade," said Sean Arsenault. He and his twin brother own Brewery ARS on the 1900 block of West Passyunk. He does all the artwork around the place so he's already painted over the graffiti which someone put over a sign he had painted.

"I hand-painted the "Hours" sign out there so it scribbled out all the hours and all my artwork," he said.

A truck parked near the brewery was also spray painted with similar symbols. Arsenault says his place was hit three months ago, too, but he doesn't think they're being targeted.

"Other people have sent us pictures saying you're not the only one that this person has hit," said Arsenault. The West Passyunk Neighborhood Association posted about the incident on its Facebook page saying in part "The brewery is a family owned and operated business that gives back to its community. It's a bright spot in West Passyunk Ave and in our hearts."

Darren Felder owns On the Block Automotive and Kicks and Fashion on Passyunk Avenue. He was shocked to hear what happened.

"That was somewhat surprising because it's a pretty low key area," he said. Police say anarchist symbols like the ones spray painted on the brewery have been found all over the Point Breeze area, noticeably over the past year.

Arsenault though doesn't think there's a real meaning behind it.

"I don't think there's a message. I think it's just kids just spray painting. I really don't." Arsenault says he purchased security cameras after this latest incident.