VIDEO: Deer leaps into SUV door after being struck

Police officers in Howell, New Jersey couldn't believe their eyes when dashcam footage captured the moment a deer attacked a passing driver.

September 17 th around 8:00 p.m. Patrolman Nicholas Austin was responding to a call for service while traveling on Oak Glen road.

Officer Austin spotted a deer that had just been struck by an SUV running across the road from right to left, several hundred feet in front of him.

When Officer Austin pulled over, the deer ran back across the street and jumped at the open door of the SUV, striking the woman inside.

43-year-old Ellen Sager was still in the driver's seat when the deer ran into the door as she opened it, and struggled with the deer before eventually kicking it out and closing the door.

Sager later revealed to officer that she had just struck the deer before it ran back across the road and into her car.

Sager suffered a minor injury to her knee. Unfortunately, the deer later succumbed to its injuries as a result of the impact with the vehicle.