Video of pilot taking down disruptive passenger

Video shows a pilot aboard an American Airlines flight forcing a disruptive passenger to the ground after he refuses to take a seat.

The pilot is heard telling Michael Kerr, 25, "you don't put your hands on my flight attendant!"

Kerr then warns the pilot that he'll regret the move when the incident is captured on Facebook.

The plane was taxing to the gate for the Lexington to Charlotte flight on July 21 when Kerry, allegedly drunk, refused to sit down.

Kerr allegedly threatened to break her jaw. He also walked to the front of the plane and cursed at the flight crew. He kicked one attendant in the leg and shoved another to the floor, the affidavit says, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Kerr is now reportedly banned from flying as he awaits trial on several charges including being intoxicated and disruptive, assault on a female, communicating threats and interfering with the duties of a flight crew or attendant.

He was released on $25,000 bond, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.