Video shows animals slaughtered in apparent religious sacrifice in Southwest Philly

Video shows animals being slaughtered in an open lot in Southwest Philadelphia. Neighbors say it took place in front of young children.

Warning: The story and video may be disturbing to some.

Many neighbors tell FOX 29 this is just plain bizarre but they also say they had no idea it was going to take place beforehand.

Viral social media video shows sheep slaughtered in an apparent religious sacrifice on a lot at 55th and Paschall in Southwest Philadelphia.

The video shows people and a lot of animals in clips that are getting tons of hits online. Neighbors say it all went down earlier in the week and they were not expecting it.

A Philadelphia police source tells FOX 29 this animal slaughter was illegal due to lack of permits and possible health concerns, but a spokesperson for the PSPCA says it is legal if done for religious reasons or food consumption.

After finding some dead sheep left behind, neighbors are even more concerned. FOX 29 called the Health Department because neighbors are concerned about the potential health implications. We have not heard back at this time.