Video shows bus aide spitting on teen

A mother says a bus aide spit on her teenage son and it was caught on camera. FOX 29's Bill Anderson has the mom's reaction and what the school is doing about it.

14-year-old Mark Myers attends an Evesham New Jersey School for children with special needs and emotional challenges. Challenges aside his mother got emotional thinking an aide from Hillman Bus Service someone who is a grown man spit at her child.

"I'm going to go through every channel I can and make someone listen. I don't want this to happen to any of my kids. I don't want it to happen to anyone else's kids," his mother told FOX 29.

The mother called her son's school but they don't contract the busses, so she called the Lenape School District who does and they said they would look into it. She says she was ignored by the bus company. After she realized in New Jersey spitting in someone's face is actually a crime she was undeterred and refused to back down. She ended up calling police.

"No matter what my son said or did, nobody deserves to be spit on like an animal," the mother explained.

A representative from Hillman Bus Service didn't want to go on camera but they told us that they had not seen the video but they are cooperating with police and the bus aide has been removed from all buses pending an investigation.