Video shows bus driver Snapchatting on school bus with students on board

A video shows a bus driver snapchatting on a school bus with students on board.The 18-second Snapchat video making the social media rounds was sent to FOX 29 by concerned parents in Camden County.

The video shows a school bus driver with Holcomb Bus Service--who we are not naming--smiling and mugging with cute kitty filters all while behind the wheel of a school bus with kids inside. The post's caption says "Coolest bus driver ever".

The video surfaced Monday but it's not clear where it was taken or how many students were on the bus.

FOX 29 showed the video to parents whose children ride on Holcomb busses every day.

"I wouldn't be very happy. I don't touch my phone so I wouldn't want the person I entrust my kid to touch their phone either," parent Krista Mora said.

Within an hour of seeing the video, officials at Holcomb Bus Service sent FOX 29 a statement. It reads:

"Holcomb Bus is aware of the situation regarding our driver using a mobile device while transporting students. This behavior is completely unacceptable and in violations of our company safety policies and procedures. The driver has been suspended pending our full investigation."

The head of safety for the company that has more than 200 buses and 350 drivers tells FOX 29's Chris O'Connell it is not finished with its investigation.

The driver did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday night.