Video shows cockroaches at local restaurant

A man says he found cockroaches at a local restaurant. City health inspectors gave it a passing grade just days before.

Steve McColgan took this skin crawling video just after he'd feasted at the Ruby Buffet on Columbus Boulevard Monday night.

"Roaches just started scattering out. So, I was disgusted," he told FOX 29.

McColgan says he was out with a friend when they noticed the bugs scurrying around him. To top of all off he says when he alerted staff they discounted him just 5 bucks and asked him to deleted the video. Instead Steve posted it online and it has since gone viral with tens of thousands of people watching with horror. McColgan says imagine how he felt.

"It was horrifying. I just had a nice full belly. I thought I had a good meal and you look and you see all these roaches crawling out of a hole," he said.

"I'm so sorry. We apologize to all our customers," owner Jane Li said.

She says she's mortified and wants to make it up to Steve--offering him a full refund that she wishes staff had given him when it all went down. Li says the family restaurant has been open for 12 years with no problems like this.

Jane says she called an exterminator and showed us where they patched up the hole. She made this pledge: "We will keep the restaurant nice and clean and fresh."

Meanwhile, FOX 29 reached out to the city health department. Inspectors were there just at the restaurant 4 days before Steve sat down for dinner and officials found no evidence of an infestation.

The health department says it's gotten numerous complaints since the video was posted and a spokesman calls it shocking. However, the city says it doesn't plan on taking any action to which Steve says, "Go back. That's what I'll tell them."

We left follow up messages asking the city why the video doesn't prompt a follow-up visit. We haven't received a response.